The members of this blogspace are all part of the Fall 2012 seminar “Greening Swedenborg: Spirituality and Environmental Thought,” offered by the Swedenborgian House of Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. The writers and participants include:


Devin Zuber

Assistant Professor for American Studies, Literature, and Swedenborgian Studies at Pacific School of Religion.


Christine Campbell

Deep Listener – Deep Ecologist – Musician –  Educator

Pastor at Temenos Swedenborgian Church


Helen Barler, M.A.

Board member of the Swedenborgian Spiritual Community (the Swedenborgian Church of Puget Sound); Board member of the Swedenborgian Pacific Coast Association.  Avid birder; volunteer Bird Nursery Caretaker, PAWS Wildlife Center, Lynwood, WA


Linda Baker

Manager, Hillside Community Church (Swedenborgian)


Catherine Lauber

Swedenborgian minister; Director of Revelation of the Spirit (a new
Swedenborgian ministry in Canada). Also working on new ways of reaching people, starting with workshops and spiritual growth programs.


Jane Siebert

Ordained Swedenborgian minister (since 2004), currently serving as part time minister to Pawnee Rock Congregation, Kansas. Enjoying mission trips to faraway places, offering retreats on spirituality, putting up an 18 ft teepee, and sharing my medicine wheel. Also worked as hospital chaplain for 7 years; pharmacist for 20 years before chaplain, Peace Corps volunteer before kids.


Karen Conger

Lifelong member of the Swedenborgian Church; currently Member-at-Large of the Swedenborgian Pacific Coast Association. Lives in rural Bishop, CA — interested in exploring “sense of Divine perceived in wilderness,” and Swedenborg’s Doctrine of Correspondences


Joyce Barker

Biology Instructor at College in Central Kansas; Member of a Swedenborgian Church in the midwest ; avid nature lover


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