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Emerson video

Click here┬áto go to the video about Emerson and the idealist tradition in America. Sorry, this video had been posted earlier under a Minilecture page, and then the html coding got swallowed, and the link lost. This is not “required” viewing; please spend time reading the assigned texts and viewing the minilecture(s) first. Though a little cheesy, the video provides some useful background context and biographical info. which is helpful if you are coming to Emerson for the first time.

Calendar Re-arranged (and happy election day!)

Hi everyone —
Well, the verdict came in that it was better for a majority in this seminar to tinker with the calendar, and work with two-week chunks of reading / blogging, rather than new material every work. I hope this might prompt some more blogging entries, especially from folks who’ve yet to contribute. Thanks to all who have done so, thus so far: it’s been a great conversation. Continue reading

Discussion Forum now up for week 2…

New discussion forum is now open, for week 2!

Much looking forward to your comments.

Readings for Week 2 up and running…

Hi gang —
The readings are all up and posted for this week. Please begin by watching the Swedenborg documentary, as per the post below. If you are short on time, please read the Swedenborg selections from Divine Love & Wisdom first, before reading the chapter excerpt from A Language of Things.

A discussion forum will open tomorrow, to get our blog discussion for this week going.