Forested: spiraling and spirituality


Lincoln at Forested has kindly provided us with some really gorgeous images of the blueprints of his educational garden space, placed above and below. You’ll notice immediately the prominence of the spiral as a grounding design motif. We can ask Lincoln on Friday more about the roots of this spiral in his reading of Swedenborg; I’ll supplement here two relevant extracts from Swedenborg’s work as fodder for our conversation:

“These trees had been planted in a continuous series which went out and around in perpetual circles or rings, in a seemingly endless spiral. It was a perfect spiral of trees, with one species following another in unbroken succession in the order of the excellence of their fruits. The beginning of the spiral started at a considerable distance from the tree of light, which caused the trees in the spiral to shine with a successive and continued radiance from the first to the last of them.” — Swedenborg, Conjugial Love no. 13


“In this spiral form we are enabled to view a still higher kind of form, which may be called the perpetually spiral or VORTICAL FORM, in which again something perpetual or infinite is found which was not in the former… this form manifests itself especially in magnetic action, and… may be viewed as the highest form of nature, or the perpetually vortical form, which is the same as the CELESTIAL FORM, in which almost all boundaries are, as it were, erased.” Swedenborg, The Worship and Love of God, page 14 (Swedenborg Foundation, 1996), footnote b.

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