New Minilecture(s) up and running

The mini-lecture for this set of readings is a double-header. For those of you who want the shorter, abridged version, click on the video screen below to watch a video I cobbled together over the last several days about Emerson and Swedenborg.

However, should you want more context and detail, click here to go to a high-quality video recording of a lecture I gave in Stockholm in 2010 at the Royal Academy of Sciences — at an event I jokingly call the “Swedenborg Lollapalooza.” A wonderful occassion that brought in all the major “stars” from the orbit of Swedenborg scholarship into one place, and yet let junior, more “green” (no pun intended) folks like myself share the stage with them. I gave a presentation on “Swedenborg and Environmental Thought” that focuses on Emerson… a more complete, fuller version of this text is being published early next year (2013), and a printer’s proof version I have just received is under the texts tab for weeks 5 & 6 — to read only if you have time, after getting thru the Albanese and Emerson.

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